Flatpack 2021 is just one piece of a puzzle that is needs to be solves to enact real, lasting change to our country and the way it’s run. There are so many fantastic individuals, projects, groups, and reimagined ways of thinking out there  and here a few that we think you should check out.

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Trust The People is a movement that began in Extinction Rebellion, but which now extends far beyond and is committed to helping build a genuine democracy from the bottom up. It was born out of a desire for change in our deeply unequal society and to help us reclaim our power in communities. Trust The People believes that supporting community democracy can help change communities; anything from informal neighbourhood self-help groups, to formal structures such as parish wards, councils and towns. Our online learning programme is all about helping people share the skills to connect with and work with others to transform their local communities.


The Parliament Project is a non-partisan project to inspire, empower and encourage women to run for political office in the UK. Focusing on practical, hands-on training and support, we run online workshops to demystify the process for women wanting to get involved in politics and online peer support circles to support women's political ambitions more deeply. Active across England and Scotland, nearly 3500 women have attended our workshops in the last 2 years. We are creating a groundswell of women entering political parties to ultimately achieve 51% female representation in all spheres of politics.


If politics is broken, what’s The Alternative? Who is the human being at the heart of politics? What and where is our agency? How can we impact at the local to global level? The Daily Alternative builds new narratives for whole-system transformation. Working with others we are building the socio-political-economic system that “makes the old one obsolete”. Working with you we are building citizen action networks to connect everyone to the solutions that already exist. CANs are the breeding ground for Flatpack Democracy. Join us.


We believe people across the country are looking to, willing to, and able to take greater responsibility for reviving their local communities. Civic Revival is a forum and free resource for those taking action to make their places feel attractive, lively and thriving because they have kept and are using the qualities that make them distinctive, rather than struggling because they have lost them.

We help connect these five key civic building blocks: well designed & curated places; responsible & sustainable living; new economic & ownership models; pride in local character, culture & identity; and genuine democracy & civic action.

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site and contents © 2020 Flatpack Democracy | built by EightySix Design