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‘Independents for Frome’ wanted to have a logo on the ballot paper come the election so as not to confuse their group with any other people standing as independents.  The only option was to register as a minor political party. If you wish to follow the same route you need to register by going online to the Electoral Commission. 

You will need to have a nominated named leader and 2 officials plus a contact name and address.

The emblem or logo should be clear and graphic so that it can be clearly reproduced when reduced in size to fit on the ballot paper. IfF came unstuck with the lettering on the logo. They wanted to have the words Independents for Frome but he lettering was initially too small.

You should submit the emblem as a PDF 

The Electoral Commission has a registration advisor. But the EC can be slow to reply and they won’t contact you if you make a mistake. 
The onus is on you to check things rather than the EC to let you know.

You will get a party reference number and then you will need to pay the EC normally ok to do this online. Last year the annual update cost was £25 it may have gone up by now and yes you will need to confirm registration annually so check in regularly on the EC website for any changes and to pay the annual re-registration fee. EC won’t remind you that re-registration deadline is coming up. 

When the EC has agreed your logo/emblem you will need to submit it to the local authority that runs the election for them to print on the ballot papers. So you need to get the deadline date for submitting the logo to them.

Anticipate some delays so don’t leave things to the last minute.

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site and contents © 2020 Flatpack Democracy | built by EightySix Design